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Cranio-sacral Therapy

Over time, the flow of our body slows down through an accumulation of postural stress, daily tensions, and past injuries. This causes neuro-muscular and fascial restrictions, leading to chronic pain and nerve disorders. 

This approach focuses more on the whole body system, using a light touch approach to release these deep restrictions and alleviate any stagnation in the system. This process can eliminate our pain and restores movement and function. It also works to improve your awareness of your body and connects body-mind.

Fully Customized Treatments

Get assessed and treated by a licensed physical therapist for any orthopedic or neurological condition or diagnosis! Our physical therapy approach uses manual therapy techniques, in one-on-one treatment sessions. We develop a program of treatment that works for you, including manual therapy, stretching, strengthening, postural alignment and education.

Experienced Team of Specialists

If you have physical pain with no real relief, why not turn to our professionals, who are trained in skilled manual techniques designed to release pain by easing restrictions in your cranial and spinal system? Contact us today and schedule your personalized, very effective, 45-minute sessions.

Conditions we treat

Chronic & Acute pain conditions

Spinal Pain (neck, back)

Pre/Post Surgical Conditions

Total Joint Replacement

Joint, Muscle & Nerve Disorders


We Accept the Following Insurances

*Husky Medicaid is not accepted. Call for us discounted out-of-pocket cost.
Anthem BlueCross Blue Shields
Connecticare & Cigna
United Health Care
Medicare (both government and advantage programs)



Professional and caring therapists. I would highly recommend!

Shoshana Levinson
Oct 22, 2022


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Nancy Purvis

29 August 2023

29 August


I am amazed at the help I have received. The most caring physical therapy that I have ever received. The craniosacral therapy that I am receiving from Kevin has...
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