Pelletier and killian physical therapy

Physical Therapy Services

Get assessed and treated by a licensed physical therapist for any orthopedic or neurological condition or diagnosis. We utilize manual therapy techniques, consisting primarily of craniosacral therapy and myofascial release. Additional programs such as stretching, strengthening, postural alignment and education (pre/post surgical and pain management) are included as needed or requested. Goal of treatment is to relieve pain, improve flexibility and muscle strength, and restore function.

Conditions we treat are:

chronic and acute conditions, spinal pain (neck, back), any pre/post surgical condition, total joint replacements (knee, shoulder, hip)

joint, muscle and nerve disorders, sciatica, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, TMJ, neuropathy, carpal tunnel

migrains, concussion, vertigo, head injuries, anxiety-related disorders, sleep disturbances, disgestive issues

We accept the following insurances:

Anthem BlueCross Blue Shields




Medicare Advantage


United Health Care

Worker’s Compensation

Sterling and Sterling

** Out of pocket cost is $70 per 45 minute session.


Treatment Procedures

Physical therapy evaluation locates the source of the dysfunction. We apply both traditional and alternative techniques that differ from the standard physical therapy approach: a mixture of myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, and mobilization. Additional techniques such as stretching and gentle stabilization exercises are also prescribed as needed. We also offer programs on balance, posture, pre/post operation education, and gait training. You will be educated of the nature of your condition, and on ways to help heal yourself.

We consider the cause of pain, which can be due to old injuries, motor vehicle accidents, traumas, concussions, and sprains/strains. Treatment is focused on the whole system: head, neck, spine/spinal cord, pelvis, and extremities. Most of the session involves gentle holding of areas where body is restricted. Clients may or may not be aware of the subtle sensations that are produced during the work, but the experience tends to be a generalized relaxation of the body and a feeling of well-being.

This treatment approach is popular with most of our clients who suffer from chronic pain, mainly because the treatment is so deeply relaxing and helps to restore flow of energy. Results reported include relief of pain and recovery in mobility and function. Additionally, clients can learn how to access their own inner body contact, to reveal unconscious processes that may be contributing to their issues. 

Goals / Other Effects


  • * Eliminates or minimizes any kind of pain, whether it is migraine pain or back pain.
  • * Relaxes neuro-muscular holding in body and restore relaxation and body connectivity.
  • * Balances body systems: immune, respiratory, digestive, and nervous system regulation
  • * Re-balances system and remove barriers to flow of energy.
  • * Frees up flow of blood, spinal fluid, electrical sensory and motor impulses, lymph, oxygen.
  • * Enhances conduction of electrical impulses of information and communication of system.
  • * Increases mobility, strength, balance, and function.


  • * Grounds our nervous system to allow for healing response.
  • * Relaxes mental activity and restores sleeping ability.
  • * Decreases our nervous system’s reactivity to daily stress.
  • * Increases wellness and promotes return to good physical and mental health.
  • * Deep sense of relaxation and mind-body connection.


  • * Guidance in tracking sensations, breath, and movement, to move through energetic holding patterns in body.


Somatic Experiencing Sessions

Learn how to deepen into your body sensations, to balance the nervous system's response to stress and trauma. This technique restores the inner communication within the body and returns it to states of health.   

$60/session (45 minutes)


Individual Coaching Sessions.

Awaken inherent power through expansion of consciousness - increasing self awareness.

Work with your body and nervous system, as a system of flow and intelligence. 

Align to truer self: learn to shift thoughts and beliefs for great flow and health.

Improve emotional strength and capacity.

$60/session (45 minutes)



Learn how to become more conscious and mindful in daily life.

Tap into our intelligence, by increasing flow of energy.

Group support, coaching and sharing.

Meditation and awareness practices.




Sept 14th - Healing Class







Educational Teachings

* Physical body structure: physical realm

* Our will (energy) in life, through body: subtle realm

* Our nervous system's function to "pipe" our energy 

* Our consciousness and vibration of thought energy 

* Stress and powerlessness in life

* Effects in our physical body (pain, symptoms)

* Healing and awakening our inherent power

Our physical body's energy system. Our nervous system functions as an electrical system, to move our energy through our body and into life.

Body is part of the physical realm: made up of denser energy, a lower frequency, of form and structure.

Spine is considered our central core connection, to our source flow, or the greater source realm.

Invisible, unconscious, energetic forces, are always flowing through, coming from past, and making up our view of reality of the life we are in today.

Subtle realm of energy. Larger dimension of life and is the subtle energy field around us.Unseen world of our thoughts, emotions, and body sensations.

Our will, or life energy, runs from our source connection (known as divine), through the nervous system, or the wiring system of our body.

Our chakras are spinning vortexes of energy that contains energy of our our innate intelligence, or consciousness.

Root chakra - about our belonging here on earth. Sacral chakra is our creative capacity. Solar plexus is our healthy power to manifest life. Heart chakra gives us ability to feel our self and others for more connection. Throat is for our expression. Third eye gives us insight and perception. Crown is our connection to the higher dimension of soul, or higher realm of intelligence.

In body, the nervous system is a piping system of tubular cables, throughout body. Works on electrical currents, to regulate our life energy. It gives us certain capacities to navigate life.

It is the engine of our energy system: starts it up and keeps it going and then stops it and relaxes it. Contracts our energy, called our sympathetic drive and relaxes it, called parasympathetic response.

This important phase function, gives us the ability to release and ground our energy after our daily stressors.



20% of our awareness is conscious and 80% is the unconscious energy of our human past, like unconscious patches in our visual field, that gets created through human conditioning and our upbringing (what we are taught and what experiences we had). Also created from our ancestoral past: what they saw and traumas they endured. All of this, is still active in us in our body, affecting us again and again, on deeper levels.

Thus, we are currently seeing through these filters, which actually distort our perception of our current reality. This will determine how we react or respond to daily life, and thus, will determine how our energy will flow for us and in our bodies. A healthy body has good, open flow, which is dictated by our thoughts.

Mind energy. Lower frequency thoughts are heavier in vibration and weaker charge due to it disconnected nature. These are beliefs that are based in fear-based feelings of scarcity, victim-blame reactivity and judgement consciousness.

Higher frequency thoughts are lighter in vibration and have stronger change due to its connected nature, so keeps us charged. Beliefs based in trust, the feeling of abundance, and the acceptance of life's circumstances.

Connected states of being. Here we have a tendency to be clear - can speak clear messages, which are more truthful, honest about where you are at and can stay related and open to others during difficulties. So there is enough awareness of light in difficult moments.

Disconnected states of being. When we experienced trauma as children (can be from accident or parental neglect or control), we had to disconnect our energy, to protect our self.

Therefore, when our deeper needs were not met as fully and consistently as possible, many of us were left feeling alone, unloved, hurt, insecure with self and unsafe at the deeper levels. When these experiences happen, our inner child part can feel isolated, excluded, unloved, numb, and distrustful.

Underlying emotions can be grief due to sense of loss, shame, angry, and stuck in guilt and worry energy. The existence of this deeper unconscious shadow realm, will keep our energy stuck in protection mode. Thus, our nervous system becomes stuck in unresolved fight or flight contractions to protect body. reactions. Stuck flight energy is still trying to get away to safety and stuck fight energy, stuck in anger/fear, is still needing to fight back, to regain power and boundaries, to ultimately relax back into a deep sense of peace and settledness within body.

Lack flow in body. Without going through the pain of our past experiences, or received the proper re-establishment needed for safety and feeling connected to or loved, our negative, childhood emotions, get held as an ongoing body tension within the deeper layers of our structure. Our heart gets restricted due to ongoing lack of trust and need for protection and our gut and jaw continually clenched due to our unresolved angst. This tension keeps us out of present moment, without the ability to relax. Thus, we become out of synch or alignment with our true creative essence.

Other manifestations include a lack of security and confidence in self and ability to get things done. We can't see or hear clearly, so lack capacities for full understanding. We are less ability to cohere to self, or to stay full present in feeling awareness in order to process our stressful emotions.

Stress in our mind and body. When we hit stress and fear, our energy automatically contracts away from present moment, through resisting, protecting and avoiding, preventing us from having any choice in the moment.

We go into our disconnected states, where our energy is frozen, and our source supply is cut. Therefore, we have difficulty resolving current conflict, because we are primarily focused on survival mechanisms. Thus, our persistent mental thought activity does not allow us to feel body sensations or feel safe in our body, so our energy does not ground itself, naturally.

System holding. Instead, our emotional energy is held in our body as spasm/tension. Our system becomes stuck in time past so no longer open to the flow of life.

Our nervous system gets stuck in this dysregulated state, of hyperactivity and avoidance, with minimal capacities of restoring flow so our body gets weighed down by baggage of past. Less flexibility and pressure builds, causing illness and symptomatology.

Current chronic problems. We stay in our heads, perpetuating old beliefs and compensations. Mind energy becomes fragmented, reduced, rigid, stagnate, toxic and stubborn. Use old programs to resolve current problems.

* Keeps our energy pulled away from ground. Leaves us feeling confused, conflicted, stuck, depleted, stressed, anxious. Addictions cause us to engage in excessive activity and movement. Keeps us distracted, discharges our energy in unhealthy ways.

* Stay moving and reactive, with too little emotional or feeling awareness and physical grounding in body. Can’t feel safe. Get stuck and don’t know how to work through it, so avoid dealing with difficulty. Stay in old patterns where we give power away (ie. don’t create conflict).

* Reduction in growth of our power, leads to chronic frustration, anger, increasing anxiety of unsafe circumstances of life in world and limited sense of self.

* Limits our access to our innate intelligence for insights, creativity and other possibilities, and ability to evolve. Stuck in sameness. Can’t restore body or change circumstances. Experiences recur.