Pelletier and killian physical therapy

Physical Therapy Services

Get assessed and treated by a licensed physical therapist for any orthopedic or neurological condition or diagnosis. We utilize manual therapy techniques, consisting primarily of craniosacral therapy and myofascial release. Additional programs such as stretching, strengthening, postural alignment and education (pre/post surgical and pain management) are included as needed or requested. Goal of treatment is to relieve pain, improve flexibility and muscle strength, and restore function.

Conditions we treat are:

chronic and acute conditions, spinal pain (neck, back), any pre/post surgical condition, total joint replacements (knee, shoulder, hip)

joint, muscle and nerve disorders, sciatica, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, TMJ, neuropathy, carpal tunnel

migrains, concussion, vertigo, head injuries, anxiety-related disorders, sleep disturbances, disgestive issues

We accept the following insurances:

Anthem BlueCross Blue Shields




Harvard Pilgrim


United Health Care

Worker’s Compensation

Sterling and Sterling

Out of pocket cost is $80 per 45 minute session.


Treatment Procedures

Physical therapy evaluation locates the source of the dysfunction. We apply both traditional and alternative techniques that differ from the standard physical therapy approach: a mixture of myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, and mobilization. Additional techniques such as stretching and gentle stabilization exercises are also prescribed as needed. We also offer programs on balance, posture, pre/post operation education, and gait training. You will be educated of the nature of your condition, and on ways to help heal yourself.

Treatment is focused on the whole system: head, neck, spine/spinal cord, pelvis, and extremities. Most of the session involves gentle holding of areas where body is restricted. Clients may or may not be aware of the subtle sensations that are produced during the work, but the experience tends to be a generalized relaxation of the body and a feeling of well-being. Results reported include relief of pain and recovery in mobility and function. Additionally, clients can learn how to access their own inner body contact, that can reveal unconscious processes that may be contributing to their issues. 

This treatment approach is popular with most of our clients who suffer from chronic pain, and that is because the treatment is so deeply relaxing while restoring energy. We consider the cause of their pain, which is due to old injuries, motor vehicle accidents, traumas, concussions, and sprains/strains.

Goals / Other Effects


  • * Eliminates or minimizes any kind of pain, whether it is migraine pain or back pain.
  • * Relaxes neuro-muscular holding in body and restore relaxation and body connectivity.
  • * Balances body systems: immune, respiratory, digestive, and nervous system regulation
  • * Re-balances system and remove barriers to flow of energy.
  • * Frees up flow of blood, spinal fluid, electrical sensory and motor impulses, lymph, oxygen.
  • * Enhances conduction of electrical impulses of information and communication of system.
  • * Increases mobility, strength, balance, and function.


  • * Grounds our nervous system to allow for healing response.
  • * Relaxes mental activity and restores sleeping ability.
  • * Decreases body stress and nervous system’s reactivity to stress.
  • * Increases wellness and promotes return to good physical and mental health.
  • * Deep sense of relaxation and mind-body connection.


  • * Guidance in tracking sensations, breath, and movement.
  • * Move through physical and emotional energy.


Somatic Experiencing Sessions

Learn how to deepen into body sensations, to enhance inner movement of mind-body and growth of true self.

$60/session (45 minutes)


Individual Coaching Sessions.

Awaken inherent power through expansion of consciousness - increasing self awareness.

Work with your body and nervous system, as a system of flow and intelligence. 

Align to truer self: learn to shift thoughts and beliefs for great flow and health.

Improve emotional strength and capacity.

$60/session (45 minutes)



Learn how to become more conscious and mindful in daily life.

Tap into our intelligence, by increasing flow of energy.

Group support, coaching and sharing.

Pain management and processing.

Meditation and awareness practices.




April 27th - Energy Medicine Principles

May 11th -  Alexander Technique

June 15th - Manifestation

July 13th - Off the Mat and into the World

August 12th - EFT

September (TBD) - Nutrition


Educational Videos

Foundations of our body’s energy

Our physical energy system: how our nervous system functions, as an electrical system, moving our energy within life.


Healing (individual, collective, transgenerational)

How to wake up our inherent healing capacities. Processing and grounding our energy.

Our current life experiences and our current difficulties, based on our past.

Our reflection and growth.



Bio-mechanical causes of chronic pain. Nervous system dysfunction.

Effects of compensation in our body and mind, leading to blocked flow and draining of our energy.

Essential nature of our pain. Effects of blocked flow patterns and stress.