About Us



Over time, the flow of our body slows down through an accumulation of our postural stress, daily tensions and past injuries. This causes neuro-muscular and fascial restrictions in the body, which can lead to strains, sprains, chronic pain disorders and diseases.

Our approach focuses more on the whole body system, using a light touch approach to release these deep restrictions and alleviate any stagnation in the system. This process can eliminate our pain and restores our movement and function. It also works to improve your awareness of our body and connects body-mind.


Vera Killian

Vera Killian, MSPT is a UCONN graduate of the Physical Therapy program in 2001. She is currently obtaining certification in Somatic Experiencing, a trauma-release body therapy. 


Kevin Pratt

Kevin Pratt, PT has been a therapist since graduating from Quinnipiac University in 1998.